Health eCard Benefits

All your medical records instantly available, when you really need them, and automatically kept up to date.
Security when travelling
Emergency Medical Information.
Less duplicate testing
Fewer medication errors
Fewer hospital admissions.
Accurate and clinically reliable
Better Consultations with specialists

Travel With Confidence

Travel With Confidence with Health eCard, carry a verbatim copy of your entire medical record with you wherever you go, no need for internet access. Read, and share, your Ivrit record in English, French, Russian and Arabic

Get A Second Opinion

With your own Health eCard you finally have unlimited access to your entire medical records including everything necessary to get a possibly life-saving second opinion. Access your chart either on a smart phone with our App or on a PC with the Card itself.

" The best implementation of Personal Medical Records software i have seen "

Dr Paul Cundy, head of the BMA techical committee